Crops & Cleans has added a new feature to our website called crowd fundingWe created a FAQ page on the website and added some of our frequently asked questions below. Please e-mail us at info@cropsandcleans.com if you have any more questions.

So what exactly is crowd funding?
Essentially, crowd funding is a way to save fabric. Sometimes we over order new products and it ends up becoming wasteful. Crowd funding allows us to make the exact amount of apparel needed for our customers for a cheaper price.

How does it work? 
Crowd funding is similar to pre-ordering or creating a kick starter campaign. We will post a product online and our customers will have exactly two weeks to order that particular product. If the product meets its funding goal, we will make the product but if it doesn’t meet its funding goal we will refund everyone who placed an order and we will not make the product.

How long will each order take?
Each order varies depending on the product. Orders can take anywhere from four to eight weeks but we rest assured, we are working as fast as possible to create your product.

Why did you guys add this feature?
We realized we were over buying shirts and they weren’t being sold. We wanted a feasible way to save fabric while lowering the price for our customers. The feature is similar to a “pre-order” but way cooler!

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